A comparison of wynton marsalis and herbie hancock in the movement of jazz music

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A comparison of wynton marsalis and herbie hancock in the movement of jazz music

Bill Frisell Learn Jazz Standards.

A comparison of wynton marsalis and herbie hancock in the movement of jazz music

To those who are familiar with Frisell, you know of his distinctly unique, clean sound, and his embrace of all sorts of styles of music including, rock and folk.

All of these elements are present on this record, and simplicity takes the spotlight.

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Love Sick sounds just like the title suggest. Mournful, slow; a short piece to introduce the set. The band appropriately plays their rendition of the classic Stephen Foster tune Beautiful Dreamer.

There are beautiful choruses of interactions between the viola, drums, and guitar before Frisell comes in with the melody at the end.


An enchanting melody is doubled by Frisell and Kang, Royston gently responding beneath them. The group does their own unique version of the classic standard Tea For Two. The ballad-like composition All We Can Do has a passionate melody, which is played beautifully at first just by Frisell, but the second time around is joined with the viola which really lifts it up.

Beautiful Dreamers really epitomizes the musical mission Frisell has set out to accomplish. There are no apologies, just simply honest, great music. This is an excellent record, one worth adding to the collection for sure.

Gerald Clayton Learn Jazz Standards. This is a superb record and definitely worth checking out. In my opinion this is one of the best new trios out right now.

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Clayton, Brown and Sanders have an incredible musical connection that you will not want to miss! A little about Gerald Clayton: At the age of six Gerald began eleven years study of classical piano with Linda Buck before enrolling in the Jazz Studies program at the University of Southern California.

Professionally, Gerald has had the honor of performing nationally and internationally with some of the most established names in Jazz such as Lewis Nash, Al Foster, Terrell Stafford and Clark Terry. FromGerald toured extensively with Roy Hargrove in his quintet, big band, and funk group and he is currently a member of the Clayton Brothers Quintet.

Terence Blanchard Learn Jazz Standards. Joining Blanchard for this release is a host of incredible musicians: Bounce is a record full of energy, exciting turns, and phenomenal musicianship. While Blanchard is steeped in the roots of jazz, he is also fully aware of its developments. His compositions push the envelope of jazz composition, and his band interprets them with sincere creativity.A Comparison of Wynton Marsalis and Herbie Hancock in the Movement of Jazz Music ( words, 2 pages) The ultimate achievement for any culture is the creation of an art form (Marsalis, Pg 3).

Wynton Marsalis is a strong supporter of traditional jazz whose impression is that music should stay traditional. He led the progressive, genre-melding group The RH Factor, played in sessions for Common, Erykah Badu and D’Angelo, and collaborated with jazz giants including Herbie Hancock and Wynton Marsalis.

A Comparison of Wynton Marsalis and Herbie Hancock in the Movement of Jazz Music PAGES 2.

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The most famous jazz musician since , Wynton Marsalis had a major impact on jazz almost from the start. In the early '80s, it was major news that a young and very talented black musician would choose to make a living playing acoustic jazz rather than fusion, funk, or R&B.

Marsalis' arrival on the scene started the "Young Lions" movement and . Pianist Herbie Hancock will always be one of the most revered and controversial figures in jazz -- just as his employer/mentor Miles Davis was when he was alive. Unlike Miles, who pressed ahead relentlessly and never looked back until near the very end, Hancock has cut a zigzagging forward path.

Nov 22,  · Our new desktop experience was built to be your music destination. Listen to official albums & more. Herbie Hancock - Watermelon Man - Duration: Wynton Marsalis Septet at Jazz .

Grammy Award Winner, Roy Hargrove Dies at age 49