A discussion of 60 years of changes in the military

This year, the U. Army Reserve in Europe celebrates more than 60 years of operations by looking at the past, present and future. Steven Ainsworth, 7th MSC commanding general, hosted the event.

A discussion of 60 years of changes in the military

That is no longer true, the early game is much more apssive and you pretty much have to boom economy in some way now. Of course there will be games where you pummel someone into the ground with military but they are much less common and games where the winner was determined by culture gains from early on are much more prevalent now.

I think they are slightly worse, strength is about difference. What does matter though is the ease of defending. Also lobbing plunder every time is still a nogo, aggressions when defended are still bad for the offender, you wasted a potential seeding and a MA.

Raid is more of a blowout now. Now a raid can decimate someone much more. Fixing happiness in other ways is preferred though and there are many good ones, st. Peter being the best one. Without that it would still be somewhat annoying though perhaps but in 2p I kind of miss it.

Holy war was great war to play early that hurt much more than a culture war if you got it off early.

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The worst you can do is war over territory to someone now but some tactics are not really hurt much by this, take for example someone who did a michelangelo combo and has plenty happiness anyway. Before there were crazy situations where you set up a 16 vs 8 military advantage early and someone had 3 or 4 defense cards, which could be a blowout if you expected to win the aggression for example you made an otherwise inefficient play to set up the aggression.

Much better system now. New napoleon was a perfect solution.

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I like him a fair bit now, leaders in general are quite nicely balanced now. Few exceptions though, Joan of arc is still pretty bad.

Not as bad as before but you should prefer another leader most times. Theocracy is still pretty damn awful, comparing it to warfare is not a good comparison, of course governments are more efficient than blue techs, you can have only 1 government though. Thing with theocracy is, a government is generally best when it comes early in the age.

But early the MA, strength and happiness are not too useful yet. So theocracy sits in a peculiar situation that you might get it early but the things it gives are only good later, near the end of age I. But by that time age II cards become available so do you really want to get theocracy still then?

Hanging gardens is held down by the same thing, it has the strongest effect of any age A wonder but the things it gives are exactly not what you need yet in early age I. Which holds it down as by contrast pyramids gives exactly what you need then.

Especially good in 4p where missing knights is common.Retiring from the U.S. military is a sweet deal for the 17 percent of veterans who are allowed to serve for twenty years on active duty. Too sweet. For decades, critics and top brass have warned that the Pentagon’s defined benefit pension (earned after 20 years of service) is growing exponentially.

For both the Final Pay and High retired pay plans each year of service is worth % toward the retirement multiplier. For instance, 20 years of service would equate to a 50% multiplier. The years of service creditable are computed differently depending upon whether retirement is from full time active duty or from a reserve career.

VOGELWEH AIR BASE, Germany - This year, the U.S. Army Reserve in Europe celebrates more than 60 years of operations by looking at the past, present and future.

A discussion of 60 years of changes in the military

Civil–Military Relations in Hurricane Katrina: A Case Study on Crisis Management in Natural Disaster Response Jean- Loup Samaan and Laurent Verneuil. Two change-management experts offer guidance on moving from the what to the how.

Defense spending has been under pressure for some time now in the developed world. After climbing dramatically for the better part of a decade in the aftermath of September 11, , defense spending began to fall in many countries after the global financial crisis of Is the Military Really Going to Start Drafting Year-Old Hackers?

Probably not—but year-olds might be a different story.

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