A life of her own emilie carles essay

From very routes of human existence people had two basic relationship: But unfortunately this basic institution of leaders and followers brought not only good but also the bad. What humanity knows and achieved by now is because of efforts, thinking, beliefs, ideas, inventions and even mistakes of peoples of the past. Interestingly enough, people could not look forward without knowing the past, but either way, they did the same mistakes as their ancestors but for other reasons and beliefs.

A life of her own emilie carles essay

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Straightforward, in the sense that no time was given to dwelling in sentimentalities. The purpose of this paper is to show the difference of Emilie Carles from other women because what she wanted to impose in her book is not as easy as making a fictional biography of a woman in the twentieth-century.

She depicted a life that is led by poverty, hard grueling work and an almost passive acceptance of the fate and destiny of the people.

In her village, she highlighted the importance of the bull or cows and its ability to produce calves, milk and other products to enable a family of four or more carry on with their lives.

The bull that he had to buy is far more important than the situation of his daughter. Marriages, during her early childhood, are business contracts between two families that are usually decided by the male members. It is usually considered as marriage of convenience, a business contract where land and products will be combined to enable the peasants to live a little more easily.

This Week at the Library: A Life of Her Own

Her mother tried to fight this culture by running to a benefactor, her revered godmother, to ask for her blessing and advice in not marrying Joseph Carles and instead, marry the one she loves. She was thwarted by her godmother and was informed that to follow the course of her fate is the best advice she could to her.

Otherwise, she will become an outcast in their Alpine village. Her mother was unable to defy the system in the village but she was strong-willed and spoke her own mind when she thinks it is needed. She is generous and knows how to please people such that after her death, people will come to Emilie to tell her that her mother is a remarkable woman.

Perhaps, this characteristic of her mother is one of those that Emilie inherited, giving her the willpower and the strength of mind and soul to pursue her career as a schoolteacher and as a mother, as well as being an activist later in life.

Due to the inability of his father to take care of the four siblings left behind by his wife, the youngest, a four-month old, had to be alternately nursed by mothers in the village.

She will become a schoolteacher later on with the help of her uncle, although life with her uncle had been full of tribulations as her aunt somehow maltreated her by always finding little faults in her.

A Life of Her Own: The Transformation of a Countrywoman in 20th-Century France.

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Reed Business Information, Inc.Emilie Carles’ A Life of Her Own, shows the drastic changes in technology, history, the economy and society that occurred in the life of a peasant girl living in the s.

Emilie Carles was born at the turn of the century into a harsh, almost primitive. Professionally Written Essays Carles: “A Life of Her Own” This 3 page paper describes Emilie Carles’s book “A Life of Her Own” and argues that she was not typical of the French people of her time.


Maya Angelou, an american writer and civil rights activist who died at the age of 86, demonstrates her view in life with her own beautiful words.

Even after her death, her words are still relevant to this day/5(11). Emilie Carles wrote this autobiography book “A Life of Her Own” about the courage of a woman who made a huge difference in her society.

This book was translated to English in The reader of this book is totally inspired by the life of Emilie Carles who lives a life in a small village on a mountain in France by the name of Val de Pres in between the two World wars.

The first thing that is noticeable in the way Emilie Carles wrote “A Life of Her Own”, her autobiography, is the almost straightforward narration that she used in depicting what her life as a little girl living in a rural mountain valley of Alpine, France.

`A Life of Her Own` by Emilie Carles.

A life of her own emilie carles essay

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