Acc 281 wk 5 paper

Can you think of a time when a political act impacted your daily life? What made this experience political? Can you see any similarities in your situations?

Acc 281 wk 5 paper

Debbie Daniels Running Head: It is based in Sacramento, Northern California. The healthcare system serves patients and families where the healthcare providers join resources and share expertise to develop and advance the quality of healthcare. The traditional payment processing system had disadvantages that delayed the process of effective revenue collection of the healthcare facilities.

The limitations of the processing system were as a result of the lack of accessibility to precise information in the accounts.

There was also ineffective and inefficient performance measures in the healthcare facilities. The centers of service provision were patchy.

There were also issues with the upfront collections. In order to address these limitations, Sutter Healthcare initiated a system. The paper will discuss the key problems and the relevant facts.

It will also discuss the new system that was created to address the problems. Summary of case study Acc 281 wk 5 paper issues and problems, background information, and relevant facts The healthcare systems in the United States have huge upfront collections of revenues from self-pay patients.

The issues with upfront collections are as a result of the healthcare insurance Davis, It has high deductible pay healthcare plans. The insurance system also has higher co-payment plans. The current traditional healthcare payment systems have not been able to meet the set targets for revenue collections.

The several disadvantages that are attached to the traditional processing system are immense. Upfront payments require the collection of payments for services to be provided before the services are actually received.

It is in contrast with the insurance claim where services are provided first. It has an implication that the Patient Financial Services staff must have accurate information regarding the patients.

The Patient Financial Services staff had to wait for the end of the back session to be able to provide a breakdown of the customer payment details. The hospital accounting department found the task tedious. Patients also had to wait until their payments were processed to receive services.

The delays caused by the traditional payment system led to inefficiency in operations thus resulting to low-quality services. Sutter also had problems with the revenue management cycle. The Patient Financial Services staff could not access accurate and real-time information on the essential financial and operational indicators.

Benchmarking could not be utilized until the end of the month. Lack of accurate information meant that the management along with the staff could not set benchmarks as a way of tracking progress. Important business decisions could also never be made.

Acc 281 wk 5 paper

Due to the use of the traditional system with a lack of accessibility, the healthcare accounting department could not analyze and generate reports. The Central Business Office did not get real- time information that could be utilized in on the assigned accounts as well as prioritizing the risks while monitoring progress.

The front desk staff could not serve the clients without consulting back-end staff. There was also a lack of empowerment. The Patient Services staff could not be held responsible for the accounts of the patients that they were dealing with Michalski, The level of accountability was minimized.

Solutions employed by Health Care along with the achieved results The challenges that were associated with the traditional payment system had to be addressed. The management of Sutter Healthcare implemented changes that were deemed to increase the efficiency of the operations. The Sutter program employed strategies that included the transfer of back-end task to front-end task and the provision of precise and real-time information to the management and the upfront staff.A multidisciplinary, multi-organizational panel of experts in medical oncology, dermatology, gastroenterology, rheumatology, pulmonology, endocrinology, urology.

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