An introduction to the life of erich maria remarque

He was a celebrated German novelist.

An introduction to the life of erich maria remarque

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These articles have not yet undergone the rigorous in-house editing or fact-checking and styling process to which most Britannica articles are customarily subjected. Interested in participating in the Publishing Partner Program? An antiwar novel set during World War Iit was written after the war and reflects the disillusionment of the period.

It details the daily routine of soldiers who seem to have no past or future apart from their life in the trenches. Its casual amorality was in shocking contrast to patriotic rhetoric.

Erich Maria Remarque Biography, Life, Interesting Facts

The book was an immediate international success. The epigraph of All Quiet on the Western Front states that the intention of the book is to be neither an accusation nor a confession, but an account of a generation, including the survivors, "destroyed by the war.

In the polarized political debates of the Weimar Republicthe First World War was not a topic but a touchstone for all else. How you understood the war, its origins, its conduct, surrender, and defeat, was the index to your understanding of the past and to your understanding of how liveable or damaged the future could be.

Given this interpretive contextthe pacifism of the novel could satisfy neither left nor right ends of the critical spectrum in interwar Germany.

As they discuss the nature of war, Paul and his friends cannot understand why

It is this quiet, certain, yet exploratory demonstration of the utter inhumanity of war that constitutes the magnificence of All Quiet on the Western Front as an anti-war novel. He is one of a band of front-line soldiers whose experience of war strips the mythology of heroism bare, leaving the tedium, the earth-shaking fear, the loneliness, and the anger of men whose bodies are neither protected nor honored by military uniforms.An introduction to the life of erich maria remarque Patriotism.

Life Early life Celan was born into a German-speaking Jewish family in Cernui. Erich Maria Remarque’s classic novel not only portrays in vivid detail the combatants’ physical and mental trauma, but dramatizes as well the tragic detachment from civilian life felt by many upon returning home.

To the biographer and student of literature, Erich Maria Remarque, who has been called the "recording angel of the Great War," was an enigma, a man rife with contradictions and contrasts.

He admired stylish women, Impressionist art, an antique Lancia convertible and a racy Bugatti, and Chinese art from the Tang dynasty and was obsessed with pacifism, free speech, and privacy.

Erich Maria Remarque, pseudonym of Erich Paul Remark, (born June 22, , Osnabrück, Ger.—died Sept.

PDF All Quiet On The Western Front A Novel Free Download | Download PDF Journalist Esdebout Remarque is considered one of the most important war novelists in contemporary literature. At one time he wrote articles on sports, travel, and the "good life" for various magazines.
All Quiet on the Western Front | Introduction & Summary | His father worked as a bookbinder.
Erich Maria Remarque - Wikipedia Without purporting to be authentic, the account nevertheless compels credibility. All Quiet on the Western Front One scene in the work is representative of many.

25, , Locarno, Switz.), novelist who is chiefly remembered as the author of Im Westen nichts Neues (; All Quiet on the Western Front), which became perhaps the best-known and most representative novel dealing . Provides a background for Erich Maria Remarque's famous novel by looking at relevant biographical details about his life and providing historical details that place the story in .

An introduction to the life of erich maria remarque

Erich Maria Remarque was born Erich Paul Remark on June 22, in Osnabrück, Germany. He received an education in private Catholic schools and subsequently enrolled in a training school for teachers, which he attended until he was conscripted into the German army.

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