Anita and me essay

Does her Punjabi heritage make her Indian, or does her preference for fish fingers make her British?

Anita and me essay

Anita and me essay

Thus, diasporic writing has been seen emerging from all the south Asian countries be it India, Pakistan, Bangladesh or Sri Lanka.

The story deals with the problems that nine year old Meena is facing in her everyday life.

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As a young girl all she wants is independence and freedom to do things her way. Yet she is tied by her Indian customs and rituals which seem both intriguing and at the same time limiting to her.

Anita and Me Essay. SOUTH ASIAN WRITING HOME ASSIGNMENT: Diaspora In South Asian Literature- As seen in Meera Syal’s “Anita and Me” Submitted by: 08/EL/47 Urmimala Bhattacharjee The mention of ‘home’ and ‘outside’ is not a specification of India at all, but rather the disappearance of India if defined as the habitation of Indians – Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak. Anita and Me a work of excellence! A perfect combination of comedy and drama. This is the award winning movie of the year and is a must to see. 'Anita and Me' is a unique vision of the British childhood in the early seventies, a childhood caught between two cultures, each on the edge of enormous change. For these points I would rate this movie 4 star.3/5.

The story tells us of the relationship that Meena has with Anita Rutter, a white girl who Meena supposes to be her best friend initially. But on a more complex note, the story dives much deeper to bring out the deep conflict that Meena has within herself while juggling both worlds. One is that of a good, obedient Indian daughter that she must be according to her parents and other relatives and the other is that of the reckless, free spirited and tomboyish person that she feels she is when she is with Anita and her gang.

The very beginning of the book establishes Meena as an intelligent, considerate and as someone with her own mind. But she is absolutely captivated by Anita Rutter and all she wants is to be friends with her for Anita is the most popular even notoriously so!

Meena comes to almost idolize Anita. However Meena finds it more and more difficult to fit in because her Indian heritage keeps creeping in and she finds she cannot discard that.

These turn of events bring about a stark change in the ideas of Meena, her previously held notions of friendship and the realization of living as an Indian in England during the seventies.

Anita and me essay

From the very beginning it is seen that Meena derives comfort from her Indian roots, customs and traditions. And for that she was grateful. To be so loved and wanted and cared for. After Meena became friends with Anita she naturally expected acceptance from her in all forms.

Meena had never thought of herself as being different from others because of her skin color. But at the same time she was constantly reminded of the differences in culture that she had from Anita.

The Indian parent would never leave their child in their own space because that is not how they work. They criticized these English practices who so prided themselves on their affluent manners, sophisticated food habits and for whom the Indians were an uncivilized lot.

But deep down they only truly cared about their own kin and would even be too harsh on the English. There were also instances when Meena or either of her parents would be subjected to some trivial form of racial harassment which was at times best not mentioned or forgotten.Diaspora and Syal’s Anita and Me Essay Words | 12 Pages.

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Diaspora and Syal’s Anita and Me Diaspora, a term used to describe the dispersion of a people from their original homeland, has become an increasingly pertinent topic of discussion in contemporary society. The Me Me Me Generation Essay Article Review Millennials: The Me Me Me Generation by Joel Stein The term Millennials (also known as generation Y) generally refers to the generation born in the years between and The Education Umbrella Guide to 'Anita and Me', by Meera Syal.

Author: Education Umbrella Press Our guide to 'Anita & Me' contains an overview of the novel and analysis of the important themes and topics, including racism, religion and modern India.

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