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The stock market was plunging, and mine was the most immediately available explanation. Ever since, journalists have constantly asked me what the sun is doing now! Throughout the 35 years since I first came to Japan, I have both been fascinated and struck by the fact that although this is in so many ways an inward-looking self-contained nation, foreign observers are listened to and even have a chance of having a positive impact.

Asia business report rico hizon wiki

No 55s were ever stationed in Ladakh. OTOH 2 x squadrons of 72s were located in the region from to Besides a battalion of BMP-2s. There was at least one T55 "somewhere in the Himalayas" at least till about 20 months ago.

A silent build-up will save many a rushed heli-drops. Tank driven to 17, feet Chandigarh, January 5 Somewhere in the snow-covered Himalayas during the bleak winters last year, the Army drove a T tank up to the dizzying height of over 17, feet, setting a record of sorts.

Never in the history of armoured warfare has a tank been taken up to this altitude before. The operation was undertaken to evaluate the operational and logistical feasibility to transport and operate tanks at altitudes and to areas which have so far remained unexposed to armoured operations, should such a need arise.

The task was carried out by 63 Cavalry Regiment. Mehta retd a former Colonel of 63 Cavalry Regiment, said. Designed and developed for combat in plains and deserts, tanks have not been used for operations in mountains barring a few examples.

It was through this action that Dras was recaptured in The 63 Cavalry had detailed a lieutenant colonel to head the operations.

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The entire exercise was an extremely complex task involving detailed planning and constant review of minor details. A lot of time was spent in selecting the route. During the drive which took several days, special efforts were required to ensure that the batteries did not go dead because of the extreme cold.

Precautions were also taken against the fuel and lubricants freezing at night. There were also instances where it was learnt that a task which required special tools could be accomplished by normal tools with a bit of imagination and expertise.Latest headlines from WN Network.

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Search News and archives in 44 languages. Nov 06,  · Anchors such as Rico Hizon, Bernard Lo, Lorraine Hahn, Dalton Tanonaka and Bill Hartley were part of the original CNBC Asia team. It adopted similar programmes from its US counterpart like The Money Wheel and Business Tonight and had a few of its own programmes as well.

The number is a lucky number so far as IGLPI is concerned.

asia business report rico hizon wiki

On the eleventh month, November, at the eleventh day, of the eleventh year of the year ; the eleventh Lodge of IGLPI was constituted in due and proper form. In fact, ABS has yet to mention a ratings report on PBB this year, thus its impact continues to be minimal at best.

July 18 at pm · Like · 1 Rico Hizon on CNBC Asia's "Today's Business", (Also Simulcast CNBC Europe) Like Comment Share. Report, and the first station to use a ticker for breaking news and traffic information. GMA News was also the first to use Electronic News Gathering Vans in the country in Description: Rico Hizon is a Filipino broadcast journalist with BBC World anchors Newsday and Asia Business Report, which is broadcast to more than million households worldwide.

He is the first-ever Filipino news anchor to work for two of the world's most prestigious television news networks - CNBC Asia and BBC World News.

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