Forensic handwriting analysis services

Handwriting We are the experts on forensic handwriting in Phoenix.

Forensic handwriting analysis services

In our experience, more time is spent on consolidating the data from multiple sources and processing it rather than acting on it Oxane Panorama is a powerful web based NPL due-diligence platform that addresses the above challenge by providing a degree view of the transaction as well as enabling drill down to any level of granularity in the Portfolio Connection, Borrower, Loan, Property, Tenant, etc.

It brings together all the due-diligence partners Investor, Servicers, Lawyers, Valuers and Advisors on one single platform and facilitates sharing of data, documents and information in an easy and transparent manner.

Oxane Panorama offers powerful analytics, reporting and additional data points for decision making by geo-mapping the real estate collateral as well as fetching property valuation comparables from previous transactions and real estate web portals.

Our web based application along with iPhone and iPad applications gives you easy access to the data anytime anywhere. Easy Access to Information Anytime and Anywhere The cornerstone of collaboration and analysis in Oxane Panorama is a centralized database and document repository storing all the data and documents pertaining to the transaction.

By transforming the data into a relational structure, Oxane Panorama allows you to access any information, data or document at the click of a button rather than sifting through various files, folders and emails. Single Platform for All Due-Diligence Partners You can provide secure access to your due-diligence parties and control the information flow to them.

Customized due-diligence report templates can be shared with due-diligence partners and the reports can be received from them through the platform in a digitized manner so that it gets stored in the centralized database.

This enables managing the workflow better as well as leveraging the work done and money spent on the due-diligence for similar transactions in the future.

Powerful Reporting Tools Our simple and configurable interface combines ease of use with powerful customization to match the requirement of the transaction as well as the way you work.

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All this leads to insights and easy decision making through powerful reporting tools, including visual dashboards and reports that can be easily exported as excel, word or pdf document. Geo-mapping and Comparables Oxane Panorama provides highly powerful tools to enhance the quality of the data for better decision making.

All the real estate collateral is geo-mapped at the time of uploading to the platform enabling you to view the properties on the map and see their street views and satellite images.

It can also fetch property valuation comparables from due-diligence done on similar previous transactions as well as real estate portals or auction sites. It enables a desktop valuation of the real estate collateral, thereby providing data points to validate the valuation provided by the Seller or the due-diligence counterparties.

Secure Hosting Oxane Panorama has been developed as a mission-critical application with secure encryption, high performance, true scalability, and uncompromising availability. We employ the latest proven hosting technologies to keep your data safe.

The principals of the firm have an aggregate experience of more than 25 years with direct experience in areas of NPL Portfolio Trading, Structured Finance and Structured Credit. This enables us to understand the needs of our clients better.

Oxane Partners has a team of highly motivated and experienced financial professionals, data analysts and technology experts. Our offshore delivery centre in India allows us to offer highly cost effective solutions to our clients. As a result, lot of transactions need to be modelled, analysed and screened, requiring significant human capital and limiting the participation across all trades.

Cost of getting involved in a trade is also high due to significant due-diligence expense incurred at every stage of the trade. Our Value Proposition Oxane Partners can provide customized and cost effective solutions that offer a high level of scalability and flexibility to our clients in effectively dealing with such competitive environment.

We understand the challenges of complex valuations, due diligence and loan underwriting engagements and support our clients not only in pre-closure phases of a trade but also actively monitor the portfolios post closure. Our Experience We have the experience of analysing various underlying asset classes such as Residential Mortgages, Commercial Real Estate, Consumer Loans and Unsecured Loans for both performing and non-performing portfolios.

Review of data-room information and converting it into format easily usable for underwriting Data Quality Checks:Forensic document and handwriting examination services include signature comparison, writer identification, altered and fraudulent documents and records, non-destructive ink comparison, other issues relating to questioned documents.

Roy’s forensic document examination and handwriting analysis services are available to both national and international clients. For more information and a free initial consultation, please give Roy a call at. Forensic Document Examiners, Inc. is dedicated to providing professional forensic services in the field of questioned documents.

We work with attorneys, district attorneys, public defenders, police departments, investigators, banks, insurance companies, and other private entities, providing a wide range of document related services. Applied Research & Forensic Services (ARFS) is dedicated virtually exclusively to the scientific examination of questioned documents to establish the source, origin, date of production or authenticity of business records/medical charts by conducting forensic examination of signatures/extended writings/suicide missives, forged formal.

forensic handwriting analysis services

Handwriting Analysis & Forensic Document Examination Overview. Handwriting analysis and forensic document examination is the process of using scientific methods to determine the origins of documentation, both written and electronically produced. Is a Forensic Document Examiner the same as a Graphologist?

Graphology or graphoanalysis attempts to predict character traits from handwriting examination. Forensic document examination involves the analysis and comparison of questioned documents with known material in order to identify, whenever possible, the author or origin of the questioned.

Forensic Handwriting Analysis and Forged Document Analysis Services