Frank addante case

More Essay Examples on Equity Rubric After the first few months Addante began to realise that the motivation to create something is not enough for financing his life, so he added the motivation of earning money to his motiva-tion-portfolio. Another motiva-tion he got was when his co-founders got more and more distanced to each other.

Frank addante case

He has over 30 US patents, and has led two companies onto the Inc. Kolkowski has 30 years legal and engineering experience.

Frank addante case

Brian has served in his current position at Great Lakes NeuroTechnologies since its founding. Brian is responsible for intellectual property and along with Bob Schmidt business development. Brian holds a Ph. Heldman received his B.

He has a broad background in neural engineering and neurophysiology, with extensive experience in developing algorithms for quantifying movement disorder motor symptoms. He joined the company in as senior biomedical engineering researcher and is now the Vice President and Frank addante case.

He has served as principal investigator on multi-site clinical trials and been responsible for the preparation of IRB protocols, collection of clinical data, training clinicians, algorithm development, and statistical analysis.

Frank addante case

Heldman is currently leading a team of researchers and engineers in the development and clinical evaluation of the next generation of movement analysis systems.

A list of Dr. He joined the company in as senior biomedical engineering researcher and is now the Director of Biomedical Research. Hadley received his B. His interests include translational research with the goal of enabling clinicians to improve healthcare possibilities.

Hadley has experience in designing clinical and preclinical research studies and looks to develop and improve technologies so that patients who need new devices and treatments can have them prescribed.

Aaron also has research experience in biomedical engineering for neuromodulation, ENT, speech pathology, and sleep research. Hadley also has research experience in biomedical engineering for neuromodulation, ENT, speech pathology, and sleep research. Has 20 years of experience in software development and has launched several high-performance Software as a Service SAAS products used by fortune companies.

SAAS products included web applications, middleware and analytics platforms. Has experience in leading cross functional and offshore teams in the development of commercial software. Schroeter is currently the Controller at Great Lakes Neurotechnologies.

Frank Addante, Serial Entrepreneur [10 Steps] Case Study Analysis & Solution

Addante continues to position the company for growth through technical certifications and is CompTia and Microsoft certified, as well as support engineer certification from Vidyo for maintaining telemedicine server applications.

Robert Plott Manufacturing Manager Robert "Bob" Plott has 40 years of experience in electronics design, development, production, and application engineering. For the past twelve years, he has developed and manufactured products for Great Lakes NeuroTechnologies and its predecessor, Cleveland Medical Devices Inc.

Maureen Phillips Global Clinical Trials Manager Maureen has been with Great Lakes NeuroTechnologies since and is responsible for business development and integration of the Kinesia technology platform into clinical trials.

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Once integrated, she provides full trial support from protocol development through data collection and analysis. Tarler holds a PhD degree in Biomedical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University, is a principal investigator on a number of National Institutes of Health NIH grants and has numerous awards, over 30 publications, and eight issued patents to his name.

With over a dozen years of experience, Dr. Tarler has been instrumental in the development of a wide array of technologies that have resulted in patents and commercial products alike. Sara works to plan, coordinate, and implement human resources activities and colleague professional development at Great Lakes NeuroTech.

Sara is also a member for the Society for Human Resources Management.Frank Addante lost his motivation of combining superstars of the engineering business to a team and instead formed a “B-Team” of three engineers. Frank Addante is a serial entrepreneur of 28 years who is currently building its fifth risk.

His first four companies, two were sold, went public, and at last, decided .

Frank Addante Serial Entrepreneur

Frank Addante, Serial Entrepreneur is a Harvard Business (HBR) Case Study on Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Fern Fort University provides HBR case study assignment help for just $ Our case solution is based on Case Study Method expertise & our global insights. Frank Addante Serial Entrepreneur Case Solution,Frank Addante Serial Entrepreneur Case Analysis, Frank Addante Serial Entrepreneur Case Study Solution, Frank Addante is a year-old serial entrepreneur, who is in the process of building its fifth company.

From his . Access to case studies expires six months after purchase date. Publication Date: September 10, Frank Addante is a year-old serial entrepreneur who is in the process of building his fifth. Frank Addante, Serial Entrepreneur - Case submission. Surya Teja Adury, 14MBAGRS Recommendations on hiring and managing senior leadership team members.

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