Peter the great research papers

Overall peter had a positive effect on Russia. Already fascinated by mechanical inventions, he studied government and ways of the West. He modernized the calendar, simplified numerals, and the Russian alphabet. To make sure Russia had contact with the West, Peter captured the east shores of the Baltic Sea from the Swedish and built a new capital named after himself named St.

Peter the great research papers

Hire Writer So, he taxed the people to get money for military supplies, and the building of canals and roads for better military communications. There was also a large draft of peasants into the military Crowely. The most controversial action Peter the Great took was the shaving of soldiers heads. This went against the laws of the Russian Orthodox Church Greenblatt Peter did not care about the church any more because he wanted his soldiers to have stealth and the most advantages they could in combat.

He taught people military knowledge when no one wanted to learn. He first expanded south, but not much. He wanted to just obtain one main port to get trade started. His main goal was in the north west though. Russia was lacking more main ports for trade and commerce.

Peter the great research papers

He really wanted to get the ports on the Baltic Sea. He also was suspected to have wanted control of Poland, but no one could understand why he wanted control of such a small, barely blossoming nation.

But there is water enough distance if only I shall have time to build a canal, but the length of my life is uncertain. Therefore I build the mill first and have only given order to build the canal, which will better force my successors to bring water.

Russia was already great in size, but he did gain very vital land and ports. Even though Russia was great in size, it lacked major ports and fertile land before Peter expanded.

Russia really needed the ports, and Peter obtained them. This directly links to my thesis because he made Russia a major trading and more of an agricultural nation because of the land he gained.

Peter wanted his military educated and also the common people educated. He saw that in Western Europe, knowledge of science, math, engineering and navigation was essential to building a good army as well as a nation as a whole.

He created the School of Navigation and Maths in Moscow. He also created a newspaper called the Vedomosti to educate the public about current events. He also sent many young men to Western Europe to see and understand how life was in nations that had education Trueman.You can order a custom essay, term paper, research paper, thesis or dissertation on Peter The Great topics at our professional custom essay writing service which provides students with custom papers written by highly qualified academic writers.

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The Story of Peter the Great of Russia Essays - Peter the Great of Russia, had great influence on his country where the term “Westernization” is concerned. In this context, Westernization means to be on par, or at least able to compete or hold one’s own, with the West, namely Europe.

Peter the Great ruled Russia in the 17th and 18th centuries after a long time of bad rulers in Russia. They were once ruled mostly by barbarians, but he wanted to westernize Russia, and open a . Peter the Great Research Papers Peter the Great was known as a brilliant and cunning leader whose political and social reforms led to Russia’s recognition as an important power.

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Peter the great research papers

It has, in addition, been said that Peter the Great exposed Russia "to the ideas of the Renaissance and the Scientific Revolution. Building on the achievements of his father, Peter launched a thoroughgoing reform or modernization of his realm with the aim of transforming it into a major European state." (Shaw).

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