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Gymnasium Germany A Gymnasium plural: Gymnasien is a particular type of school in Germany and other countries in Europewith the goal to prepare its pupils to enter a university. The later meaning of intellectual education persisted in German and other languages, whereas in Englishthe older meaning of physical education was retained.

Prep schools

Overview[ edit ] Boys' prep schools are generally for 8- to year-olds, who are prepared for the Common Entrance Examination, the key to entry into many secondary independent schools.

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Before the age of seven or eight, the term "pre-prep school" is used. Girls' preparatory schools usually admit girls from the age of four or five, who will then continue to another independent school at 11, or at 13 if the school is co-educational as most secondary schools now are.

However, as more girls now go on to formerly single-sex boys' schools that have become co-educationalthe separation is less clear. There arepupils in over prep schools of all types and sizes.

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Prep schools may be for boys or girls only, or may be co-educational. They may be day schools, boarding schools, weekly boarding, flexi-boarding, or a combination.

They fall into the following general categories: Earlier provision is generally characterised as nursery or kindergarten.

English speaking private and international schools in Spain House system A typical boarding school has several separate residential houses, either within the school grounds or in the surrounding area.

History[ edit ] Prep schools were originally developed in England and Wales in the early 19th century as boarding schools to prepare boys for leading public schools, such as EtonCharterhouseWestminsterand Winchester. The numbers attending such schools increased due to large numbers of parents being overseas in the service of the British Empire.

They are now found in all parts of the United Kingdom, and elsewhere.STRIVE Preparatory Schools - Denver, CO - STRIVE Prep Where a revolutionary education is commonplace and attending college is expected. Complete coverage of high school sports in the Twin Cities and around Minnesota, from the regular season through the tournaments, with discussion forums, columns by John Millea and complete stats.

Preparatory school definition is - a usually private school preparing students primarily for college.

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a usually private school preparing students primarily for college See the full definition. Boarding Schools in a Minute gives an overview of independent residential schools in North America. Apr 29,  · Other benefits of going to a prep school include top-notch facilities and extracurricular activities.

Prep schools

St. Paul's, a boarding school in Concord, N.H., which places No. 8 on our list, has nine.

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