Security technologies

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Security technologies

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As soon as the white hats counter one form of black-hat malicious behavior, another malevolent form rears its ugly head. How can the playing field be tilted in favor of the infosec warriors? Here are five emerging security technologies that may be able to do that. Application Security Research Update: Hardware authentication The inadequacies of usernames and passwords are well known.

Security technologies

Clearly, a more secure form of authentication is needed. One method is to bake authentication into a user's hardware. Intel is moving in that direction with the Authenticate solution in its new, sixth-generation Core vPro processor.

It can combine a variety of hardware-enhanced factors at the same time to validate a user's identity.

Intel has built on previous efforts to dedicate a portion of the chipset for security functions to make a device part of the authentication process. Good authentication requires three things from users: In the case of Authenticate, the device becomes the what-you-have.

However, Crawford noted, "The most immediate application for the technology is for authenticating an endpoint in a traditional IT environment — laptops, desktops, and mobile devices using Intel chipsets.

User-behavior Security technologies Once someone's username and password are compromised, whoever has them can waltz onto a network and engage in all kinds of malicious behavior.

The technology uses big data analytics to identify anomalous behavior by a user. So then the question becomes, Can you differentiate between a legitimate user's activity and an attacker who has gained entry, compromised a legitimate user's credentials and is now looking for other targets?

Comparing a user's present behavior to past behavior isn't the only way UBA can identify a malicious actor. That can be an indicator that the person is doing something they shouldn't be doing or someone else has taken over their account. Data loss prevention A key to data loss prevention is technologies such as encryption and tokenization.

They can protect data down to field and subfield level, which can benefit an enterprise in a number of ways: Cyber-attackers cannot monetize data in the event of a successful breach. Data can be securely moved and used across the extended enterprise — business processes and analytics can be performed on the data in its protected form, dramatically reducing exposure and risk.

The enterprise can be greatly aided in compliance to data privacy and security regulations for protection of payment card information PCIpersonally identifiable information PII and protected health information PHI. Deep learning Deep learning encompasses a number of technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Like user behavior analytics, deep learning focuses on anomalous behavior. So even if it's looking at behavior, it's looking at a slightly different application of behavioral analytics. For example, a data center, as an entity, can behave a certain way, similar to a user.

Crawford said he expects investments in deep learning for security purposes to continue. He added, however, that "the challenge for enterprises is there are a lot of companies coming to market with similar approaches for the same problem. Differentiating distinctions from one vendor to another is going to be a major challenge for enterprises in the coming year and beyond.

The cloud "The cloud is going to have a transformative impact on the security technology industry generally," Crawford said. He explained that as more organizations use the cloud for what has traditionally been the domain of on-premises IT, more approaches to security that are born in and for the cloud will appear.

On-premises techniques will be transitioned to the cloud. Things such as virtualized security hardware, virtualized firewalls, and virtualized intrusion detection and prevention systems.

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But that will be an intermediate stage. These five should help out the infosec warriors get the upperhand. Which technologies do you suggest will move the needle on information security? Weigh in via the comments below.Mar 01,  · Security technology is one tool that enables enterprise security leaders to achieve their goals- learn more about new and upcoming security technology products .

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With security threats increasingly becoming more advanced, research firm Gartner outlines the top 10 technologies that should be deployed to take advantage of digital business opportunities while managing risk.

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