Should i do my homework or watch tv

The tv commercials are dominating the majority of the program on every channel.

Should i do my homework or watch tv

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should i do my homework or watch tv

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Basically, tutorial, you'll study resources need to doing my physics homework help requests or other students who have successfully completed. Professional custom writing service - best to provide https:Come home, wash hands, have a snack, brush teeth and get the homework done if you want to watch tv, go on the computer, or go outside.

If they know about a test a few days beforehand, they don't leave studying to the day before, they do a little each day. Children get resentful when they "have" to do their homework and the parent "gets" to watch TV, "play" on the computer or talk on the phone. I'm a working mom, so I do understand how busy you are, how hypnotize you work, and how exhausting your day has been.

Aug 28,  · This is my method of doing hw. Normally, like every other kid, you are tired by the time you get home and you really arent in the mood to do homework, but you'd wake up instantly to watch tv!Status: Resolved.

Dec 04,  · My parents and teachers say I have to do my homework. But it takes way too much of my time. I would rather text and watch T.V. Most of my friends hate homework too. What should I do? How would i answer this like I'm a writer show more DEAR ADVICE PERSON: Prompt: I like to go to school, but I hate homework.

My parents and teachers say I have to do my homework. But it takes way too Status: Resolved. Screen time and children DO NOT allow TV watching during meals or homework. Decide which programs to watch ahead of time.

Turn off the TV when those programs are over.

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Suggest other activities, such as family board games, puzzles, or going for a walk. Keep a record of how much time is spent in front of a screen.

Try to spend the same. Mar 16,  · Best Answer: If this will help. Ask her if you can do your homework with the TV on. If your grade go up, you can have it on while you do your homework.

If your grades stay the same or go down then you can do homework without the Resolved.

should i do my homework or watch tv
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